Adapting Yoga for a Chair Practice

Adapting Yoga for a Chair Practice

1-day Workshop


Welcome to the safe, gentle, and surprisingly effective universe of Chair Yoga! A one-day workshop for yoga teachers and caregivers, or those who want to explore or deepen their personal yoga practice from the safety of a chair.

The world is ageing rapidly. According to the UN Population Fund, the percentage of the global population aged 60 and older will rise to 22 percent by 2050. Our longevity is a triumph of modern development, but will present challenges for maintaining quality of life as long as possible. This workshop is especially appropriate for making yoga accessible to the elderly at senior community centers or assisted living facilities, but also for working with persons who:

  • are chronically ill, and/or living with chronic pain or fatigue
  • have limited mobility due to illness or injury, or are recovering from surgery
  • have arthritis, joint inflammation, or are very overweight
  • have difficulty standing for long periods of time
  • have problems with balance or are physically insecure for some other reason

One half-day is devoted to yoga practice with some standing postures where chairs/walls are used as safety props, and one half-day is devoted to practices where participants remain seated.

Search in the Events Calendar to see if any Chair Yoga workshops are currently scheduled. Or contact Adaptive Yoga Scandinavia to discuss holding a workshop in your studio or for your staff or association members.

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