Adapting Yoga for Mobility Disability

Adapting Yoga for Mobility Disability




2-day Workshop


The next 2-day workshop is scheduled for 9-10 December in Lidköping.
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Yoga does not discriminate and its benefits are available to everyone regardless of ability or disability. This 2-day workshop is for yoga teachers, caregivers, physiotherapists, or those who simply want to help a loved one connect – or reconnect – with their bodies on a deeper level. You will learn how to share simple yoga techniques, and gain practical knowledge and experience in adapting yoga for individuals living with paralysis, amputation, neurological illnesses, etc. Learning outcomes includecreating a safe and supportive environment in which to practice




  • teaching the experience of a pose, rather than just its physical form
  • creating “references” of containment, boundary, alignment and grounding despite paralysis
  • assisted stretching techniques from yoga massage, highly effective for countering spasticity
  • working with balance, rhythm, and expansion
  • ensuring the safety of your own body while assisting others
  • being comfortable in the presence of suffering, without trying to fix it








Unique for this workshop:




  • Adaptive yoga students with various disabilities will drop in as guests throughout the workshop to provide hands-on opportunities to apply techniques learned.
  • Because workshop participants bring a variety of backgrounds to the training – i.e. yoga teachers, physiotherapists, personal assistants, family members – the workshop provides a deep, multidimensional exploration of how yoga asana moves through bodies, regardless of ability of disability.
  • In addition to growing your own skills and understanding, you will be contributing to a more inclusive and accessible yoga world for everyone.
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