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Most of us will do almost anything to help the people we love. In the workshops Adapting Yoga for a Chair Practice and Adapting Yoga for Mobility Disability, there is almost always someone participating who is there for the sole purpose of helping to make yoga accessible for someone they know or love. The techniques you learn in this workshop do not require a deep knowledge of yoga or anatomy or of any particular condition. The workshops are exploratory. We examine how basic yoga principles can be used to improve quality of life, relieve symptoms and improve posture/breathing, and how we can help individuals connect or reconnect with their bodies on a deeper level – regardless of ability of disability.

During the Adapting Yoga for Mobility Disability workshop, two or three individuals with disabilities are invited to the workshop as guests so that workshop participants get true, practical experience. Often, one of the guests is related to a workshop participant, who simply asked if their loved one could be one of the guests. Guests receive 1½-2 hours of attention, as yoga teachers, personal assistants and/or physiotherapists test workshop techniques. This is an incredibly valuable exchange and always appreciated by both sides.

If you would like to help someone you know or love connect or reconnect with their bodies through yoga, then these are the workshops for you!




This is Charlie. Charlie is seven years old. Charlie has AMC, which causes joint contractures and other problems. He also has autism. Charlie was a guest for a couple of hours at the 2-day Adaptive Yoga Workshop in Lund in September 2016. Here we see him, together with his mother and aunt who were both workshop participants. An exciting new yoga asana was born during that workshop: Read more about Rumpy-tush Asana here!

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