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Several physiotherapists have attended the workshop Adaptive Yoga for Mobility Disability. One of these physiotherapists is Helena Rosenberg who works at the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) rehabilitation department at Sundhedshuset in Albertslund, Denmark. Helena had a double interest in attending the Adaptive Yoga for Mobility Disability workshop in Lund in January 2017. In addition to always being on the lookout for complementary tools to help her clients, she is partially paralyzed herself after a bicycle accident many years ago.

The work we do in Adaptive Yoga to help our students experience sensations of grounding through paralyzed feet and legs is probably what affected Helena most deeply on a personal level. That yoga techniques are a potentially powerful complement to western treatment did not surprise her on a professional level. She also contributed a great trick she uses to help her maintain a strong hamstring stretch for her clients. Notice the belt in the picture below. Helena uses this belt because she is partially paralyzed and needs a counter balance. But it provides wonderful lower back support for anyone who wants to give an assisted hamstring stretch for a longer period of time. Helena is working with Malmö yoga teacher Sara Ivarsson to create an adaptation of Warrior III pose.


Helena and Belt

Another physiotherapist who attended the Sep 2016 Adaptive Yoga for Mobility Disability workshop in Lund is specialized in working with individuals recovering from stroke. In the yoga world, we strive continuously to achieve balance and symmetry. She found some new ways to help her clients work with the left/right asymmetry in their bodies.

This is one of the advantages of holding workshops with a diverse group of participants, i.e. physiotherapists, yoga teachers, personal assistants and family members –  all in one group. The workshops follow a basic framework, but everyone contributes with unique experience, skills, knowledge and emotional awareness. Creativity and thinking outside of the box are a necessity when adapting yoga for a wide variety of abilities and disabilities.

If you or your colleagues would like more information on how to incorporate simple yoga, breath and body awareness techniques into your treatment, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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