Private Sessions

Private Sessions


Whether you’re new to yoga and want to learn the basics or you’re a seasoned yogi wanting to elevate your practice, private one-on-one yoga sessions are a great way to discover, improve and nourish your mind-body connection.

Our bodies and abilities are all unique. Private sessions allow us to modify each pose specifically for you and your body – in detail. New students gain confidence as they learn basic yoga poses and techniques, and find easy ways to modify poses to their unique needs. Experienced students appreciate fine tuning their practice and the possibility to break through blockages. Elements of yoga massage – assisted stretches combined with breath instruction – are often an element in a private adaptive session and can be very powerful in dealing with spasticity or general tightness.

Students often say that they cannot remember what to do once they get home. If you would like to have a personalized program to help you practice in the privacy of your own home, I can take pictures of you in your yoga poses and put these into a document with instructions. I share these pictures and the resulting document with you and you only.

Private adaptive or traditional yoga sessions take place in Adaptive Yoga Scandinavia’s premises or in your home.



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