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Adapting yoga for physical impairments…making yoga more accessible to communities that have been excluded or who are underserved…this is the latest, and perhaps the most meaningful – grass roots movement within the yoga world. Awareness of the possibilities is on the threshold of making a global breakthrough.

Is your studio accessible? Or partly accessible? Consider starting an Adaptive Yoga class, perhaps during the daytime hours when so many yoga studios are silent and empty. The possibilities for opening yoga up to traditionally excluded or underserved communities are endless – classes that bring together like-minded, like-bodied individuals, where there is a feeling of community within the room, a feeling of belonging amongst participants, where you can create a safe place to practice yoga – regardless of ability or disability.

How about a yoga class for:

  • the hearing- or visually-impaired
  • persons with autism
  • cancer patients
  • persons with Down Syndrome
  • persons with a Parkinsons or Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis
  • those dealing with addiction issues
  • those who struggle with their weight

Consider that there is very little available for these types of groups. Consider that a quick internet search, such as “MS + Yoga” will yield a wealth of information and tips for a specialized class. Consider that there is a rapidly growing, global, on-line community of Accessible Yoga Ambassadors with whom you can discuss any questions that may arise. And of course, there is always training to help you kick-start your new social entrepreneurship.


Adaptive Yoga Scandinavia usually offers at least two such trainings per year in the form of two workshops:

Alternatively, and depending on how accessible your studio is, you may like to host one or both workshops (there is no overlap in content). For more information, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. This is sacred work. And it’s always great to hear from others interested in making yoga more accessible.


Workshop: Adaptive Yoga for Mobility Disability, January 2017.
Teaching “Upside-down Pigeon” pose using techniques from the world of Yoga Massage, and held slightly longer so the pose acquires a Yin yoga character. Workshop guest Håkan, who is receiving this assisted stretch, is partially paralyzed and the assisted yoga stretches, combined with breath instruction, are a powerful tool for relieving spasticity in his lower body.

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