This is Charlie. Charlie is seven years old. Charlie has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. But it’s easier to just say AMC. For Charlie, this means joint contractures and other things. For instance, he cannot bend his right leg. Ever. He also has rods in his spine for support. He has autism, too, but is a very social little man! Charlie was a guest for a couple of hours at the 2-day Adaptive Yoga Workshop in Lund in September 2016. We wondered how to give his little body a chest opener, and how to keep a 7-year old still long enough to reap the benefits. Bolsters…too big. Maybe a folded blanket…A momentary flash of insight led us to exploit the warm, curvy softness of his auntie’s rumpy-tush.

Thus was born Rumpy-Tush Asana! And that’s what we see here. Charlie lying back-to-back with his aunt, who is also his personal assistant, held steady by his Mom’s legs, playing with his game, enveloped warmly by people who love him, as he gets his gentle back-bend. There’s rhythm, too, from his Aunt’s breathing.

Adaptive Yoga – it’s all about getting creative!

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